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NBDA performance at
Magnolia Baroque Festival called
“Triumph of Dance”

NBDA Shepherds
Alex Eberle, Austin Nielsen, Morgan Carroll,
Sage Jordan, David Powell
(John O'Brien in the pit)

Tim Lindeman of Classical Voice of North Carolina wrote on June 21, 2008, Winston-Salem, NC:

Although the title of the closing event of the weeklong Magnolia Baroque Festival was “The Triumph of Love,” it could have just as easily been “The Triumph of Dance...”

...The stars of the show, though, had to be the dancers, who gave the entire proceedings a brilliant presence. They contrasted sharply and effectively with others on stage, for they were fully and colorfully costumed. Principals Paige Whitley-Bauguess and Thomas Baird not only danced the lion’s share of the pieces, they also served as the choreographers.

Sometimes the dances took place while there was singing on the stage; other times they were performed  without vocal background. Always precise, and elegant when fitting, the members of the New Bern Dancing Assembly displayed remarkable discipline. What a treat!

Tea Toast
Thomas Baird, Kirstin O'Donnell,
Alex Eberle, Paige Whitley-Bauguess


All in Air!
New Bern Dancing Assembly
"Dance Before a Fountain"
Down East Dance Recital 2007


New Bern
Dancing Assembly

Lafayette Photo
New Bern Dancing Assembly
Lafayette 250 Celebration - Festival of Yesteryear
September 2007

Paige and members of the New Bern Dancing Assembly were featured in the May 2007 issue of Our State (NC) magazine and on the cover of the Fall 2007 issue of the Tryon Palace magazine. The group performed at the Tryon Palace Christmas Candlelight Tours last December and was featured in a video posted on the Tryon Palace website. The group also performed at the Lafayette 250 celebration in Fayetteville, NC in September, and currently offers an educational program with Baroque Arts Project musicians organized around the friendship between the Marquis de Lafayette and General George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Blind Man Buff
New Bern Dancing Assembly
"Dance Before a Fountain"
Down East Dance Recital 2007

The New Bern Dancing Assembly is for students from 4th through 12th grades. (NBDA classes may be open to adults interested in weekly classes.) Membership is by audition. Dancers enroll in a weekly Baroque Dance Class during the school year, intermediate or advanced, and trequently perform at Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens. Other performances may be scheduled throughout the year, including school programs, appearances at festivals (Magnolia Baroque Festival), and presentations for orgranizations (Jamestowne Society). Members are assigned a costume for the season and pay a reasonable costume fee, although some members have elected to have their own costumes made. There are currently 12 dancers in the New Bern Dancing Assembly.

Current Members
Nora Blalock, Alex Eberle, Jimmy Gibbs,
Bailey Jordan, Sage Jordan,
Dana Meadows, Austin Nielsen,
Kelly O'Donnell, Kirstin O'Donnell,
David Powell, Addy Pritulsky,
Katherine Shearer, Branham Talton



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