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Thomas Baird &
Paige Whitley-Bauguess

Turkish caractères danzas
"...provided a fascinating sampling of baroque choreography..."
The Dancing Times of London

Sample Repertoire

fete marineUne Fête Marine
Music by Lully and Marais
A Dramatic Entertainment depicting 18th-century sailors on-board a seafaring vessel who encounter a terrible tempest and are whirled into the tragic, mythological story of Acis and Galatea, featuring notated dances, pantomime, and choreography in period style

SpanishLes Folies d'Espagne
Music by Vivaldi or Marais
A Compilation of Dance Variations performed with castanets




“...Ms. Whitley-Bauguess and Mr. Baird appeared to be trading elegant epigrams with their castanets.”
Jack Anderson, The New York Times

The LetterThe Adventures of Harlequin and Columbine
Music by Vivaldi: Concerto in D major, RV. 95
The comic antics of Harlequin and Columbine in three episodes: The Venetian Lady, The Letter, and The Portrait


"...two exquisite dancers..."
Classical Voice of North Carolina

CaractèresLes Caractères de la Dance
Music by J-F Rebel
A Choreography based on themes attributed to Françoise Prévost (1715) depicting comic and serious episodes of love


"...a veritable tour de force...”
The Berkshire Eagle (Sheffield, MA)

Ballet des FleursBallet des Fleurs
Music by J-P Rameau
A ballet from Les Indes Galantes depicting La Rose who is wilted by Borée the cold wind and then revived by Zéphire the warm, gentle wind


"...brilliantly performed..."
The Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg, VA)

SwordsDie Fechtschule (The Fencing School)
Music by Schmelzer
A fictional story based on the real life characters Julie de Maupin, a Paris Opera actress and fierce fencer, and her lover, the great fencing master Serane

ShepherdsPastoral Suite
Music by Various
An homage to pastoral scenes populated by shepherds and shepherdesses, reminiscent of paintings by Watteau, Lancret, and Fragonard


“…a window on the being caught in a musical and theatrical time warp that reached my ears and eyes
as a soft-focus vision of a quite spectacular moment in the history of western performance art.”
The Georgia Straight (Vancouver, BC)

DanzasDanzas y Bailes (Españoleta) With Chatham Baroque
A program of 17th-century Spanish music and dance featuring courtly danzas and festive bailes along with the fabulous music of Chatham Baroque


"...cutting-edge early music entertainment that melds music
and dance for delight and enlightenment."
Tribune-Reveiw (Pittsburgh, PA)


Harlequin Unmasked
Music and Dance of the Commedia del' Arte

with REBEL

A program of music and dance featuring three Harlequin & Harlequina ballets and music by Vivaldi, Campra, Schmelzer, Biber, Telemann

Photos by Benners, Engel, Miura
Updated 2/12/10