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Reconstruct the Dance:
la Bacchante par Mr. Pecour

This is a QuickTime file.

PLEASE NOTE: The videos are working in Explorer, Netscape, and Firefox on my computer.
They are NOT working in Safari.


  1. Click on the thumbnails below to access a reconstruction page for each figure. A new window opens. Close the window when you have finished with the figure.
  2. In the new window, the large image of the figure is an image map where you can
    • position your mouse over each measure of movement to access a quick step description, and
    • click on each measure of movement to access a detailed description of the notation elements in the separate Step Tables. Again, a new window opens so that you can resize and view both windows simultaneously. Simply close the Step Table window when you have finished with that step in the table.
  3. QuickTime audio files of the music for each figure are provided.
  4. QuickTime video files of the movements for each dancer in each figure are provided.




updated 9/23/07